The Last Talk

Kenneth Eade

Children don’t think of their parents as human.  They are your super heroes.  The ones you can always go to for advice.  The people who are always there for you when the going gets tough and it seems like nobody is on your side.  That’s why I had a shock the last time I visited my 88 year old father.  I knew he was old.  I knew he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  I knew that his memory was getting worse and worse.  But, in my child’s mind, perhaps I didn’t expect his condition to deteriorate so fast.  Maybe I fantasized that I would always have him – at least for a little longer.

He was always the strongest and the smartest man I ever knew.  Proud, intelligent, and a great provider for our family.  During my teenage years, when things became difficult, he was always there for me, guiding…

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