#Synopsis Reveal- A Patriot’s Act by Kenneth G Eade

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a patriots act

On May 6, 2004, American born attorney Brandon Mayfield was arrested and held, without being charged, for two weeks, as a suspect in the Madrid terrorist bombings, based on a faulty fingerprint match and evidence concocted by the FBI.  The FBI broke into his house, without a warrant, and searched it several times, as well as using national security letters to wiretap his phones, and bug the house.  Mayfield sued the government for damages and declaratory relief and in the lower court, District Court Judge Aiken threw out two sections of the Patriot Act that modified the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in Mayfield v. United States, 504 F. Supp. 1023.  Unfortunately, Judge Aiken’s decision was rendered moot on appeal when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal decided that Mayfield could not pursue his declaratory relief claim after he had settled with the government…

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