REVIEW: A Patriot’s Act

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patriot-jpg‘A Patriot’s Act’ by Kenneth Eade is one hell of a legal thriller that challenges everything we know about justice and freedom. The intense opening chapter introduces us to Ahmed, an Iraqi-born, naturalized American citizen, who is falsely accused of being involved in terrorist activities. We meet him in the most terrible of situations deep in the heart of Guantanamo Bay detention camp. The details are rather sketchy, but the graphic depiction of the torture is unmistakable.

Enter Brent Marks, an attorney who is given the unenviable task of defending Ahmed, with the ultimate goal of freeing the man. It all appears to be a losing battle, because after all, who wins against the government? This is where it gets very interesting because the unpredictability of the outcome builds the tension to near uncomfortable level. The suspense gets you involved straight away.

The brilliant set up creates this sense of…

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