Second Book in Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series, “A Patriot’s Act” now available for pre-order


Bestselling author Kenneth Eade has recently announced that the highly anticipated second book in his ‘Brent Marks Legal Thrillers Series’ is scheduled for release on October 17, 2014. Currently, ‘A Patriot’s Act’ is available for pre-order on Amazon.

Kenneth Eade is well-known for the GMO thriller ‘An Involuntary Spy’, and the political thriller ‘Predatory Kill’, which introduced the character Brent Marks. ‘A Patriot’s Act’ comes right after ‘Predatory Kill’ and follows Marks as he gets involved in a case that requires him to fight the U.S. government itself. Terrorism, murder, corruption, courtroom drama – the novel has everything it needs to become a bestseller. The author is also an international business lawyer, which means that his expertise in the field of law helped him a lot in creating a realistic plot.3d14

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