Kenneth Eade, Attorney at Law

Kenneth Eade, Attorney at Law

Kenneth Eade ( is a Los Angeles, California attorney, specializing for the past 30 years in corporate and business law, transactional law and contracts, and complex securities (SEC) and business litigation.  

Mission: To provide effective, unsurpassed client service at a fair cost. Eade collaborates with each client to understand and creatively achieve that client’s unique objective. Being a small firm, Eade does not make money by assigning large numbers of lawyers to bill large numbers of hours to a file without regard to the value of the work to the client. He is paid based on the value of the work delivered, whether that value is defined through an outcome-based contingent fee, an individually tailored alternative fee structure, or a traditional billable hour. In every case, clients are fully informed at all stages regarding the work being done, why it is being done, and how much it will cost. 

Approach: In litigation matters, Eade takes a direct path to the appropriate resolution. If your case cannot be settled early on favorable terms, Eade will try the case to win, with 30 years of courtroom experience, legal knowledge and personal drive to accomplish that objective. In non-litigation matters, Eade’s knowledge and past experience provides the insight and foresight to help you structure and transact your affairs in a manner that minimizes risk and maximizes results. 

These are a few examples of cases recently concluded by the firm:

1. Dispute resolved by mediation: Eade was successful in resolving litigation within the first two months of filing in an early mediation session, saving his client an estimated $150,000 in fees and avoiding a possible seven figure adverse decision.

2. Trial successfully concluded: Eade successfully defended a business litigation lawsuit, wherein a former consultant sued a public company, its major investor, and transfer agent for alleged wrongful disposition of stock. A trial in federal court resulted in a judgment in favor of Eade’s clients.

3. Eade won a motion to dismiss a multi million dollar securities fraud case in federal court.

4. Eade was successful in setting aside a six figure default judgment entered against his client two years ago.

5.  In February, Eade won an injunction in federal court, prohibiting adverse credit reporting on his clients credit profiles, in a predatory lending case.

6.  On April 17, 2012, Eade’s legal team won a motion to set aside a custodian appointed for his client in a hostile corporate takeover attempt. 

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